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Even though this is a popular sink design, they are custom made to size and are one of a kind. The molds were one use only and destroyed to de-mold the concrete.

How do you value the materials and workmanship  you choose for your home or business?

When you see the beauty that lives in concrete, you also see the craftsmanship, and the years of doing and learning. Skills to make molds, form and cast, grind and polish, install and maintain, so that concrete can reach it’s full potential as a material that can be made into so many creative and durable pieces.

Taking advantage of innovation in materials, sealers, curing and casting techniques, that result in concrete that is more durable, has better stain resistance, fewer seams, lighter weight, and more options for colors, textures and shapes.

Some really amazing orange reds are possible with iron oxides. The raised countertop has hidden supports, tied into the half wall.

And I believe the craft of design is just as important as any other craft. It is perhaps the most difficult to harness and define, because it combines the aesthetic with the utility. The end result being an improved quality of life and well-being for the user. Good design within a space is recognizing how each piece will fit into its surroundings, and how color, texture, shape, and materials, complement, contrast, harmonize, and accent, to achieve the desired result. All while connecting to you the user, both personally and functionally.

“We have waited 15 years to remodel our kitchen and Uptown’s countertops are the perfect match to our vision. He is an artist.”

-Kim and Todd Anderson, Urbana, IL

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