concrete because

This is one way to design seams around a large sink, but is no longer necessary due to the improved strength of concrete.

Concrete is a great choice because it’s real. It has an inherent beauty and a human element that is genuine. As you reveal its layers, it is transformed, showing its life, the movement of its composition, -(sand, glass, stones, color), that blend,
accent, complement, and contrast with its surroundings.

This is the look of hand pressed concrete.

Concrete has a life that is unique, but it also has the ability to be made and molded into something infinitely personal and functional. there really is no equivalent in its flexibility to be useful and unique in so many different ways.

“We are very pleased with the counters that Uptown Concrete made for RATIO Architects. They are easy to care for and look impressive. We have had people  request information to contact Uptown to have them made for their own business or homes.”

-RATIO Architects

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