I love this deep red color in the kitchen. There are glow in the dark stones embedded randomly throughout this countertop.

Uptown Concrete Design is the result of my discovery that concrete is a vastly under valued material in its beauty, versatility, and potential to make things with great integrity, usefullness and personality.

Read more about this fireplace in the uptowner.

Uptown Concrete Design has helped homeowners and business owners  create an array of unique interior and exterior spaces that are cherished by their owners and admired by their friends. We have projects in places as far away as Chicago, St. Louis, and Bloomington, Indiana.

Projects include: countertops and sinks for kitchens and baths, fireplace elements, tub and shower surrounds, reception tops, bar tops, fire pits, tiles and backsplashes, table tops, benches, water features, and wall panels.

“I never see anything I like better than what you did for us in our kitchen with concrete. I love them!”

-Stephanie Shively, Buckley, IL


taking advantage of the shelves we made for Quality in downtown Champaign.

Uptown Concrete Design is Douglas Kistler

Urbana, Illinois

if you would like to visit my studio, or schedule a consultation: (217) 493-8295

leave a comment:  douglas at uptown concrete dot com

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